Our Mission


How Is Little Fish Creations Making A Difference?



Little Fish Creations works directly with artisans so the original methods of weaving are preserved for the generations to come; that are if these artisans would be paid their rightful share for their skill their future generations would also opt for learning this unique technique of creating fabric – hence the tradition would stay very much alive.

What is Slow fashion?


Slow fashion refers to designs that never go out of style. It is like another name given to timeless fashion pieces. Little Fish Creations believes in creating articles that would outlive all other fast fashion trends – because such items are sustainable.


Casa Relief & Its Supplies

Currently, our weavers are individuals, families and women co-operatives. Through the principals and practices of fair trade we are able to provide a living wage to artisans for over seventeen years.

A portion of our direct sales goes towards child sponsorship. We believe that education is empowerment especially for the young women that live in the same communities we work with.


Through supplying to the Canadian market we can provide our 'Little Fish' with continues work. If you are a tore interested in carrying our line please contact us directly for wholesale information.



Little Fish Creations is about connecting quality hand made products to the North American market. 

About us

About our owner

Samuel Ansell ceo. I am a second generation fair trade advocate, educator and small business owner. My mother founded Casa Relief in 2002 after a missionary trip to Nicaragua. 17 years later we continue the fair trade relationships my mother started and continue to build and grow new ones. I have had the pleasure to have traveled to 34 countries and participated or lead 7 humanitarian trips. I have personally witnessed the impacts of fair trade on artisans, their families and their communities. It is a great pleasure to share these experiences as a speaker in school’s, universities and at conferences. In 2016 I launch ‘Little Fish Creations’ a retail brand which proceeds continue to directly empower artisans in Nicaragua, Ecuador and Nepal. I continue to work with these skilled individuals to bring new products with traditional and sustainable designs to the North American market. Little Fish Creations is about connecting our customers with their artisans and producers. We want to be transparent in our business practices, advocate for fair trade principals and standards and to be a leader in sustainable fashion design and environmental accessories.


Casa Relief was founded by Suzanne Campbell in 2002 as a direct result of a life changing missions trip to Nicaragua. Suzanne and her husband Gary Campbell spent the next decade establishing relationships, educations and child sponsorship programs and annual humanitarian trips. Dedicated to providing a fair wage and empowering local artisans and their communities. They continue to run the child sponsorship program Starfish Nicaragua. They now share their time while living partially in rural Nicaragua. Little Fish Creations was an in-house design label created in 2016 by Samuel Ansell. This allowed us to design and create sustainable, organic and environmental clothing and accessory lines directly to the retail market. A proceeds of all sales contribute to our child sponsorship program, community empowerment and local projects.

Supporting others

Over the years we have had many meaningful product lines supporting emerging business including working with Canadian made products, Canadian Children of Hope Uganda in Northern Uganda, Women’s co-operative in Thailand, Costa Rica, Cambodia & Peru.

The future

Casa Relief/Little Fish Creations will continue to evolve and support our fair trade artisans. We continue to supply our wholesale and retail customers with a combination sustainable and traditional designs. We provide meaningful work and quality fair trade products to the Canadian market. We will continue to work with our artisans in Nicaragua, Ecuador and Nepal and promote fair trade principals and practices.